Union and West End Cemetery

The Union and West End Cemetery is located in center city Allentown. The main entrance is on 10th Street at 10th and Chew Streets. The cemetery is mantained by a dedicated group of volunteers. Ten board members (also volunteers) serve the cemetery association and manage the finances, make application for grants, solicit donations and participate in the maintenance of the cemetery.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Union and West Cemetery Blog - Fans

The Union and West End Cemetery blog is equipped with a counter that provides certain statistical information about the visitors to the site. Nothing that would allow me to identify the individual vistiors or anything like that, but it does provide information as to the general location of those that visit the blog. Statistics are also provided for returning visitors and provides information on the dates that a particular visitor has visited the site. I trust that you are all aware that your identity is secure and that this in no way should be alarming to you.

There are at least four individuals that visit the blog on a fairly frequent basis. I appreciate the fact that there are those among the blog's visitors that find it interesting enough to return to see what has been posted since their last visit. It is also possible that some of these individuals are Civil War bloggers, checking to see if I have posted anything new and interesting so that they can put a comment on their Civil War blog. Of course, the U&WE Cemetery blog is not really a Civil War blog, although recent post have centered around Civil War Veterans buried in the cemetery.

There is an individual in Easton, Pennsylvania that visits often. This person apparently has some involvement with the Express Times and either has an interest in the cemetery or perhaps is a Civil War enthusiast. I wonder if this means I can expect to be interviewed again by the press at some future point in time?

There are two visitors that both reside in Miami, Forida. Both appear to be Civil War buffs; one came to the site through Brian Downey's 'behind.aotw.org', a site that deals principally with the Battle of Antietam. The other came to the U&WE Cemetery blog by virtue a link on the 'Civil War Interactive' web site, where the cemetery blog is a featured site, for the moment. Whatever their reasons for visting, I appreciate their interest.

The fourth visitor is one that gives me reason for pause. This individual is most likely a Civil War enthusiast or perhaps has ancestors buried in the cemetery. The ISP is identified as 'gatekeeper4.fcc.gov'. Is big brother watching? Not likely! But, yes this indivudual is accessing the blog from a Federal Communications Commission computer. Hummmm! No, I am not scared, just curious.

I hope that all four of these frequent, repeat visitors will continue to visit the blog and that my calling attention to them will not cause them to go away. Quite the contrary, I would be very intersted in their comments and would appreciate knowing what draws them to the blog. Contact information is available on the blog if any one of you wishes to provide me with feedback. I love it when someone leaves a comment or sends an e-mail. Even if your not a frquent visitor, comments are always welcome.

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